Fortune Cookie Friday

Someone is speaking well of you.

Yeah, I finally fired up the old WordPress back-end and figured I should post something this quarter… Seriously, I didn’t realize until the other day that the last post was way back in early January! Not entirely sure what the heck happened between now and then, however, we’re here now, so on with the show.

At first I really didn’t have much to say about this one other than ‘it’s about time!’, but quickly realized that all though potentially true, it really wasn’t the ideal tone to set when making a comeback… again… My more refined response to someone speaking well of me, was in two parts that kinda landed on top of one another:

  • who am I speaking well of?
  • who am I not speaking well of, and why?

What?! I’m not speaking well of someone? Reality check here people – we all don’t get along, we all don’t have to get along, and we all have different opions of each other that might escape our face from time to time. But who are we speaking well of right now? I guess ultimately, the ‘why’ part of the second question should be placed up with the first question to draw on the… more positive aspects of things… and it’s true, and it also fits with the second question too. Essentially, the fact that you are speaking well of someone is simply (in it’s simplicity – not it’s importance) an indicator of what we need more of in our lives. Sure it sounds kinda like a cliche, but, um, what’s the alternative?

Where it gets a bit tricky is when we look at who we’re not speaking well of – yeah, put the list away for a second – but more importantly, WHY we’re not speaking well of them. It generally has to do with a certain trait (or lack of one) that sets us down the path. Get us around some like-minded individuals who can all recognize this catastrophic ‘trait issue’, and we all natter along until someone feels too guilty about the situation and we all shut up. Yet the kicker to all of this is that if you are able to recognize a good trait in someone, it is because you also posses that trait – if you didn’t already posses it, you wouldn’t be able to recognize it… and you can see where this is going… But wait, how can I recognize the fact that they are lacking a certain trait? If they’re truly lacking it, that would mean that I’m lacking it, yet if I’m lacking it, I don’t posses it, and therefore I can’t recognize it – and your brain explodes.

Picking up the pieces, we now discover that we are in fact looking at the only mirror in the world that will never show you to your face, but will show you yourself, better than you could ever see in a regular mirror.

Someone speaking well of you? Fantastic – you deserve it. Have a list of people you’re not speaking well of? Do you know why? Great, change – you’ve got 5 minutes.

Be well, and speak well.

Fortune Cookie Fridays – Week 3

Your air of confidence naturally draws others to you.

Confidence, eh? Well, if you believe in the law of attraction or not, whatever we are attracts more of the same. If we ourselves are confident then we attract other confident individuals. If we are suffering from a poor self image, then guess what, we attract like individuals. Really, the whole notion of “opposites attract” works for electrons. If you are dirt poor you do not attract extreme wealth, just the same if you are not confident you don’t attract confidence.

The biggest challenge is that people who feel they lack a certain amount of confidence at some point will likely sit down and “work on” improving their confidence… Um, great intention, yet what isn’t realized is that confidence is a BYPRODUCT and cannot be directly “worked on”… sorry..

Confidence is absolutely key to having a healthy self-image, however it is indeed a byproduct of:

  • Purpose – understanding and being congruent with one’s own purpose
  • Protection – one’s own protection methods from emotional, mental, and physical harm
  • Forgiveness – the ability to forgive others who have done wrong
  • Understanding – let’s just simply say “know thy self”, shall we?
  • Control – one’s ability to control our thoughts and actions when necessary

Confidence is made up of each component and the stronger each component is, the stronger our confidence is.

Fortune Cookie Fridays – Week 1

A half-truth is a whole lie.

Well for one thing, Wikipedia turned up some interesting stuff with the best part being the claim that the above fortune is essentially a “Yiddish Proverb” (and for the record, I have no idea why there seems to be an ongoing Jewish and Chinese theme here – I’m Irish!).

Ok, so half-truths – good or bad? Well, when you get down to it, it really depends on perspective doesn’t it?

On of the best examples is that of Blind Men and an Elephant. The story goes that three blind men (or women, or politically correct genderless people in the dark) each touch a different part of the elephant then “compare notes” only to discover that they are in complete disagreement as to what the beastie is. The challenge is that they are all individually correct based on what they felt, yet otherwise (and collectively) wrong. They each have a half-truth, but are they actually lying? Well no, it’s not a lie – simply just not the whole truth.

Now a half-truth does become a whole lie when the motives are ulterior with the intent to harm. For example, if I’m selling a car that has been mangled in an accident, somewhat put back together, and it’s advertised “as new” – it’s a half truth and indeed a lie.

So really, it comes down to perspective and the underlying intention of the half-truth itself. If it is meant to deceive then yes, it is a whole lie, however, if the other half isn’t even known, can it be a lie? Deep.

What do you think?

UPDATE: I just found this today over on Futility Closet:

William Howard Taft once found himself stranded at a country railroad station and was told that the express train would not stop for a lone passenger.


When the train stopped, Taft got aboard and told the conductor, “You can go ahead. I am the large party.”


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