Monkey Diversity In Texas

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

In this context, “almost surely” is a mathematical term with a precise meaning, and the “monkey” is not an actual monkey; rather, it is a metaphor for an abstract device that produces a random sequence of letters ad infinitum. The theorem illustrates the perils of reasoning about infinity by imagining a vast but finite number, and vice versa. The probability of a monkey typing a given string of text as long as, say, Hamlet, is so tiny that, were the experiment conducted, the chance of it actually occurring during a span of time of the order of the age of the universe is minuscule but not zero.

Ok, there is no Shakespeare (as far as I know), no monkeys, Bob is in Texas, probability of Bob reaching 100 submitters is high (not minuscule or zero), and no monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog post that promotes the 2nd ever BLOGAPOLOOZA over at Middle Zone Musings happening all month long. Want to participate? Read this and/or ping Bob by email or by Twitter. Oh, and yes, thanks to Wiki, we now know that the above image does not contain a monkey but a Chimpanzee, and Chimps should be regarded as apes and not monkeys.

P.S. My glorious post gets published today at 6pm!

William Tully – 4×4 Meme

I was sort of wondering what ever happened to memes.. There was a time when they were all the rage, but they somehow became lame and evil. Good to see a rejuvination of all things meme. Mr. Worman tagged me in the 4×4 meme – much like the 8 random things, but this time it’s 4 items grouped into 4, um, groups. So really, it’s 16 not-so-random things, but does it make it twice as good? Well, you decide:

4 Jobs I’ve had:

  1. Truck Driver – used to deliver an insane number of woodstoves and gas fireplaces for my parent’s company over the years. The best driving were the long hauls through Algonquin Park at sunrise, late night departures after a fresh snowfall with a full moon, or simply the days where the weather turned ugly and presented a significant challenge…
  2. Security Guard – yeah, not one of my more shining moments in life… Got canned from a job, ran out of money and picked up this one because it paid and I didn’t need a degree. Little did I know was that there would be NO on-the-job training, and I’d be dumped into a shit-hole strip-mall that backed onto a welfare housing compound. It was essentially me, my fast talking, and a hefty Mag-Lite, out to take on the crazies. The lightshow from the police cars in the welfare compound, and the police helicopter overhead was always a bonus at night. *shudder*
  3. Technology Consultant – yup, did some technology consulting for small businesses when a good friend opened up shop.
  4. Pet Store Slave – yeah, back in the early, early, days I worked at a local pet store for gas money. Didn’t mind the fish, the puppies, the kittens, the rodents – just HATED the live crickets we sold for lizzard food.. God I hate bugs.

4 Places I’ve been:

  1. Philippines – went there to visit my best friend and his new fiancee, however, by the time I landed, they were both back here in Canada. A rather interesting 10 day trip to say the least…
  2. Morehead City, NCAMAZING dive trip, May 2007.
  3. Montreal, QC – Colleen and I took off in Feb 2007 for an anniversary weekend away. We went by VIA One, which I must say, is the ONLY way to travel! Oh, yeah, it was my first trip by train (subways don’t count).
  4. Nanaimo, BC – My father and I did some great diving there a couple years ago. Just the two of us, our own charter, and the ocean – one of the top 3 trips for sure.

4 Music Artists I’m currently listening to (aside from MG, I’ve been on an electronic kick lately):

  1. Matthew Good – I think at this point it just plays on a subconscious level at all times..
  2. VNV Nation – Got thinking about some great live shows I’ve seen and the first one and the latest one by these guys were by far the best. Can’t wait for them to come back!
  3. Chicane – yeah, I know, but Saltwater is just a fantastic song!
  4. Tiesto – I guess he dropped the “DJ” part.. He’s got an hour long podcast which is extremely good and it’s generally on throughout the day. 32 episodes down, just 16 more to go and I’m caught up!

4 Foods where life becomes questionable if they were taken away:

  1. Pizza – can I put it 4 times?
  2. Club Sandwiches – I rate restaurants on their ability to build this sandwich as it’s likely the first thing I will order when visiting an establishment for the first time. If they do a poor job I will never return. If they do a good job I’ll return and likely order something else off their menu. Weird, I know.
  3. Pad Thai – why is it never served in bucket quantities?!
  4. Brownies served with a tall glass of frigid milk – good moist brownies with perhaps some nuts or even dare I say – raisins! None of that cheesecake crap, white chocolate, or any bizzare variation. Chocolate, more chocolate, and perhaps some crunchy bits.

So there we have it, more insights into yours truly.

8 Random Facts About Me: A Tagging Game

From left field, I got tagged. Seriously, I was getting caught up on some Blog Catalog messages, and contacts when I found a message from Marvia telling me that she tagged me… Now typically I get tagged by others out of revenge, however this one wasn’t… Weird I know!

It would seem that people I don’t know are reading this blog… We all know it happens, yet when you’re reminded of it, it really stops you in your tracks..

Ok, enough about that and onto 8 “random” facts about, well, me.

  1. I’m licensed: Pilot, SCUBA instructor, car, truck, radio operator, and boat
  2. My drink of choice is Root Beer.
  3. I would very much like to write a 25 year later follow up book to Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine’s Last Chance To See
  4. I have never physically met another blogger
  5. I have a tattoo on my arm which reads DESTINY, and when turned upside down, it reads CHOICE. The artwork for it was used in the header graphic of my first blog template… actually, it is still in use on the index page for this domain..
  6. I don’t trust ladders.
  7. Thanks to the Dave Matthews Band, I found (and later married), my soul mate, Colleen.
  8. My unique ability is being able to disassemble complex concepts, plans, processes, layouts, etc., and reassemble them in a more logical and efficient structure.

Hopefully those are random enough bits about me, and the more I think about it, the only one in the world who is aware of all 8, is Colleen. Interesting..

Ok, so in keeping with the meme, it is time to ‘tag’ 8 fellow bloggers and hope that they will participate and share a bit about themselves.

(side note: I have only linked the blogs here and have not contacted these authors directly. I know, kind of outside the rules of the game, however, I have always wondered if others are aware of their inbound links like I am and so this is my small test. Each of the blogs listed is WELL worth the time to visit and I hope that the authors will not hold this test against the meme and will participate. As each one does, I will update the link with their actual blog post.)

Last Time On LOGICal eMOTIONs

TV Addiction Disorder

Colleen and I don’t watch a lot of TV because, well, we don’t have anything on it but static. We don’t have the old rabbit-ears, we don’t have cable, and we don’t have satellite. We do however watch shows on DVD, and we do watch quite a few movies.

Some of the great parts about watching entire seasons of a show on DVD is that you don’t have to wait a week between episodes, you don’t have to sit through commercials, you don’t have to try and find it when it’s been bumped for hockey, AND, you can watch it during the “off season” when they decide to make fewer episodes now that the show is a success..

Having said that, one of the best features of the DVDs is that you have the option of watching the previous seasons recap in case you are not able to rent season 4, of The Soppranos, at your local Rogers Video, for reasons which escape you.. ?

By Providing a recap of the previous season, you get to hit all the high points of what has happened so far, and it puts everything going forward into context.

Sounds like we need something like that for blogs!

And thus we have the entire purpose of this post, and yes, it’s meme time!

What if we had a meme where the title of the post was something like:

“Last Time On *insert your blog name here*”

where you listed the posts that have been lost over time, yet are the best ones so far that would put everything into context moving forward for your readership?

For this blog, I am currently up to 27 pages of blog posts, and I don’t even post every single day… What about those that post daily, and have been known to post a couple times per day? I don’t know about you, but 27 pages is quite a few to go through when trying to get the ‘gist’ of what this sucker is about. Sure, we do have the required ‘About’ page, yet people still want post examples (ok, I do) for a better understanding of what the blog is about.

Think of it this way: if you were to pull out no more than 10 existing posts from your blog which hit the high points of your blog SO FAR, and put all your future writings into better context, which posts would they be? It’s not your ‘top 10 posts’ – ok, well it is, but with the specific intent that your blog will be DEFINED by these posts and it will establish a framework going forward. Sure you might have a top post that generated quite a bit of traffic and accolades but really wasn’t 100% on topic, it would fit into the ‘Top 10’ list, but not this meme… Make sense?

The best way to figure that out is when you’re looking at one of your old posts, imagine someone asking you “Is that what your blog is about?” – YES answers go into the meme, NO answers you can save for another time…

So, without further wait, I give you:

Last Time On LOGICal eMOTIONs

What about FINITE capacity?
A look at the choice for infinite capacity for ‘good’ in our lives, and the choice for finite capacity for ‘not good’ in our lives. It’s a matter of choice and it must be understood.

Writing – Good vs. Bad
Don’t shoot your readers in the foot and expect them to run a marathon with you – coach them through the tricky parts first, your point will make more sense.

Judging books by their cover?
It happens every day and that there are times where we can use it to our advantage.

Commitment is Crap.
A look at commitment through prioritization. Your priorities will determine your commitment.

Self Image – Part 1
If our life revolves around our self-image, our mind works ceaselessly to maintain our self-image, what is bound to happen if we have a poor self-image? Is our life or our world around us going to get better, or likely worse?

A Self-Correcting World Of Information
The importance and growth of credibility in a world of rapidly expanding information.

The Peaks & Valleys
I think it’s called life. The only difference between the two, is 3lb of grey matter.

Failure Vs. Success
Failure is ONLY relevant in it’s relativity to ‘goal’ – nothing more, nothing less.

Appreciation Of Value
The relationship between value of self, and expectation of self.

Ok, so that is my… um.. 9 posts that help put the rest into context. Now, the added bonus of this little exercise, at least for me, was that I discovered a few things: the current theme messes up older posts (now looking for a new theme – any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated), I have some great stuff back there, and that I’m heading off course (again) and need to get back into my own game.

Now, I’m going to tag 5 people who will hopefully join and I can’t wait to see what develops. The five are:

Meme Rules:

  1. Please try to limit your post to 10 items or less
  2. Tag 5
  3. Take your time. Do some digging in the archives and find the perfect ones – it’s to your advantage more than anything else.
  4. Please if possible, link to this post for meme info, and please link to the post that you were tagged in. Memes go on for quite a long time and when trying to follow one backwards to see some of the other posts, it gets quite difficult when only the blog URL is used.. Just a request.
  5. The people you tag, please let them know by email, contact form or some other efficient method.


Photo by jovivebo

P.S. Like the meme? Want to participate but haven’t been tagged? Great – take it and run with it! (there are no meme police)

UPDATE: Where there is a meme, there is a plugin/widget for WordPress…

The Great 180

mobius strip racing

Summer is quickly approaching, the apartment is starting to bake in the sun, and it’s the time of year when the great weather is far more important than the computer… Sit over the waffle iron and plug away at the keyboard, OR drink a cold beer outside in the sunshine with a barbecue in close proximity…. Tough choices I know!

So, to kick off the slower blog season (statistically proven), we shall begin with a fun post.

I grew up in a time where country music was country music, the big ‘hair bands’ were overdosing for the last times on hairspray, technology was quickly improving, and early electronica had escaped Detroit.

It was an age of ‘computer-based’ music with synthesized sounds, and the ability to quickly and effectively sample bits from other sources, and incorporate them on the fly. I was in heaven.

My earliest memory in terms of music is my mother holding me in her arms, dancing about the living room while the Bee Gees cranked out through the Hi-Fi. I can also tell you this, that when it wasn’t the Bee Gees, it was the king himself, Elvis.

It is my firm belief that exposure to bass and a fast tempo is the reason why electronica music is my main staple.

Ok, so the blog title is called ‘The Great 180’ – so does this mean that I’ve done a 180 on electronica and now hate it? Um, no. What I have completely come about on is a band called Led Zeppelin. Now remember, when I was growing up through adolescence, I had latched onto electronica music, and you’ll also remember that while while journeying through those teenage years, when we find the right genre, everything else is absolute, crap. We’ve found our music, and come hell or high water, it will see us through that time!

It’s only afterwards do we get a chance to stick our head up and take a quick look around to see what else is going on. Our music collection expands rapidly and more genres enter and exist like they’ve always been there somehow….

Back in late 2000 when things for me personally took a great 180, a good friend of mine introduced me to a phenomenal group called the Dave Matthews Band. Right place, right time, or whatever, this definitely-not-synthesized band stuck a chord (pun intended) with me and I’ve been a big fan ever since (it’s also how I re-met my wife – sounds odd but it’s a great story).

From the incredible styling of Dave Matthews, I was eventually lead down the path to Led Zeppelin, which previously, I detested more than say, oh I don’t know…. Country music.

When electronic music was on it’s way in, Zeppelin was on it’s way out (there were still many in denial which was holding up it’s death), which was the exact opposite of what rebellious teenage youth was craving. It was music from a different generation that we didn’t understand and frankly, scared us a bit.

Time passes, knowledge, experience, and outlook changes, and we find ourselves looking around to see what we might have missed.

For me, I missed Zeppelin. Floyd I could still could care less about (it’s down there with country music), but Zeppelin was something completely overlooked. It really wasn’t until I was away on my North Carolina trip that I truly realized how much I had missed.

Now the trip I was on was a SCUBA diving trip to North Carolina, and the shipwrecks we would be diving on are a 2.5h boat ride straight out into the Atlantic Ocean. With a total runtime of 5h for a round trip, there was a lot of time to kill, and even 6 Canadians can only talk about the weather for so long…

Thankfully, back a couple years ago I had won an iPod from McAffee Antivirus which was perfect for killing large amounts of time. It was bursting at the seams with music, novels, and various talks by great leaders. For this particular voyage back to port after some extremely successful diving, I opted for the Led Zeppelin 4 disc box set due to it’s long runtime and consistent flow.

What I hadn’t been expecting was the auditory and cognitive stimulation one gets when listening to Zeppelin though headphones! I had been listening to LZ for a few years now, but never once had I ever listened with headphones, which means, I WAS MISSING OUT! Again….

Ok, so what, right? Well, when I look at it, sure, it’s a simple example and this type of thing happens all the time. But why? What is it that has changed? Yes, we can slap on a convenience label such as “Maturity”, but there must be something tangible. Do we go for the convenience label most often, or do we actually say “Wait a minute!”, stop, and have a look?

For me, it was an appreciation of one the greatest bands ever which is completely 180 degrees from a point in time previous. The big one-eight-zero. Opposite. Not just moving up from worse than country to slightly better – no, right to the medals podium with complimentary flowers!

The lesson in this 180? Understanding that lessons have been missed on previous 180s that were simply labeled out of convenience.

Now, we’re not done quite yet. See, it’s been quite a while since I’ve talked with Bob, and it’s been even longer since we’ve had a good meme to poke with a stick and see how it floats – I now liken memes to paper sailboats – yeah, they’re going to sink at some point, but making, and casting into the water is the fun part!

So, in my attempt to prove my previous theory that a single-tag meme can actually work… I am tagging Robert Hruzek over at Middle Zone Musings:

Bob, what is the most significant 180 you have experienced in your life?

With a single-tag meme (or at least this one), it follows the One Question/One Answer rules and regulations. One person is tagged, and they are tagged with a single question that they must answer as their post. At the end of their answer to your question, they get to ask absolutely anyone they want, ANYTHING they want, and tag that person with the question. There is no specific topic, or theme – the theme of the meme is that you get one question of one person on anything you want to know from them (the more detailed guide is HERE – it has more specifics on things like post titles and such).

So, there we have it, a fun little post down memory lane, and a MEME to kick off the summer!

Time for a beer…. 😉

Photo by zen?