We’re back! v5.238

There is a part of me that wants to start a blog that just contains blogs posts about the future of the blog and things that are planned, yet never delivered. Creativity would be high, but long term caring would be tough..

So, in an attempt to not actually re-produce that blog here (yet this very post is in that general theme), we’ll keep this one short and concise.

Are we back? Yes.
Who is “we”? The guy writing this, and his brain – sometimes singular, yet sometimes not…
Why are we back? Figured some things out.
Like what? Well, things like massive blog posts take a lot of time, but Twittering doesn’t. Big blog posts can provide much content/context/etc., but tweets cannot. Blog posts can be any number of characters (*DING!*), but Twitter posts can only be 140 characters…
So what? That means I don’t have to spend hours cranking out a blog post, but I can provide more than a tweet for things that need more. Blog posts from now on will be greater than 140 characters, yet less than my previous novel-like posts. Frequency should increase, and anything that is an ongoing theme/exploration can be split into bite-size posts where they can be re-explored with new things learned since the last post on the subject.
Are you going to change your theme 10 times and blog about it each time? No. Theme stays for a while and it should meet the needs of the new posting concept (new to me anyways).
Do you still have readers? I have no idea.

Ok, that’s it – and yes – I have posts lined up.

No, this blog isn’t dead.

Dive The Abyss

We all know that this blog isn’t known for it’s daily flood of interesting posts, and at peak posting we were only looking at perhaps a handful per week, however, for the past couple months the postings have been even less than usual. So what’s the deal, right?

Well, there have been some upheavals on the personal side, some new clients requiring more of my time, and well, I’ve been in the early stages of planning one of those journeys you get to tell your grandkids about.

Sure, there have been many things to post about in the last while, except the flavour of them were not positive and were mostly rants. Yes, some of the posts here have been rants, execpt early on in this blogs life I decided to limit the number of rants unless there could be a different perspective and/or a possible solution to the issue. If there was the possibility of a discussion worthy of our time I would post – if not, the beauty of RSS allows for gaping voids.

On the client side of things I’ve got some great projects in the works in terms of content management systems. For those who may not know, I specialize in providing feature-rich websites that are easily client-self-managed, meaning that once the site is up and running, the client is able to fully manage and update their website as they see fit. The beauty part is that it is as easy as using MS Word and it’s all done through a web browser.

Surprisingly, most of the work I’ve been doing lately has been complete site overhauls. Many businesses and individuals had websites built a number of years ago, their old web designer has long since disappeared, the sites are out of date (both in terms of content and look), and the features they would like to have on their site would have cost them a fortune back in the day. Today you’re looking at all the features you could ever want, plus the ability to update as you need to – yes, it’s that great!

On the journey side of things, well, it’s all rather exciting. A few weeks back I was re-watching Ewan McGregor’s and Charley Boorman’s “Long Way Round” and “Long Way Down“. If you are not familiar with either of these, Long Way Round is their epic journey around the world on motorcycles – from London, England, to New York City by heading East, and Long Way Down is their followup journey from the Northern tip of Scotland to the Southern tip of Africa. The countries they travel through, the people they meet, and the sheer scope of the projects just leave you in awe.

When I happened to be re-watching both back a few weeks ago, all hell had broken loose in my personal life (no, no one died, and yes, Colleen and I are still togehter forever), and I think it was just the combination of hitting bottom, the right message at the right time, and a dash of inspiration, which lead me to two questions:

  1. Is it possible to do “X”?
  2. How?

The first question is the critical one simply because it directly asks you what you believe to be true. I’m pretty sure that when the idea of traveling around the world was proposed, the first question that came to mind for both Charley and Ewan was simply: is it possible? If the answer is “no”, the idea dies simply because the people requried to see it through don’t believe it is possible. When the answer is “yes”, the next question is simply: how?

Some would say that “why?” is the most powerful question, and to a certain degree I tend to agree, however, the question of “how?” actually makes the seeminly impossible, possible. By operating on the decision that something is possible, simply repeating the question of “how?” allows the brain to literally explode in creative throughts.

So what am I planning, right? Well, at this point I don’t feel that it would be appropriate to reveal that – soon, but not yet. See, I know what it is, I’m working daily on the how, I’ve got the initial who, I’ve got the when, and as for why, well, I’m not entirely sure other than the fact that every aspect of it simply feels right at a core level. Yes, that’s right, I actually said it ‘feels right‘ and have no logical explanation for it….

The research that has gone into this so far, and the research that will go into it over the next year is absolutely staggering. My brain is quite talented at coming up with a list of challenges to nearly every aspect of the journey, yet with every asking of “yeah, but how?” leads to more research. Thankfully I have employed the use of a mind mapping program to get things off the scraps of paper littering my desk, and into a format I can easily plug into randomly when thoughts, and more importantly, answers occur.

There are still quite a few big question marks yet to be addressed, however, once a bit more information has be aquired, some key discussions have been had, and well, when I actually come up with an official name for the journey, I’ll be able to share a bit more.

I think Friedrich Nietzsche put it best:

If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.