Detoxing On CBC Radio One’s – The Current

CBC Radio One’s “The Current” held a discussion panel about the healthy kind of detoxing. Colleen was asked to be the “hip urbanista” component of the panel, based on an article she wrote for Elle Canada last year on going through a 7 day detox program. Colleen being a huge fan of CBC Radio and The Current, I can assure you that little sleep was had last night!

Below is the audio in case you missed it:


Man buys exercise bike – not lose weight – not bike’s fault

I was listening to the CBC this morning and the topic was something to do with Iran, their elections, rebellious kids, and the music scene.. I wasn’t truly paying attention because I was in heavy traffic and fog on the 401 trying to get out of the city (“Highway 401 is the widest highway in the world in a total number of thru lanes with 18” – Wikipedia)..

Anyways, at one point they were asking a girl why she doesn’t vote in the Iranian elections anymore and her answer was “because it’s like going to the gym every day for a year and not losing any weight”. This triggered a memory of one of the quotes that Casey uses:

Man buys exercise bike – not lose weight – not bike’s fault.

So not voting will change the government and the future of your country? Not likely, yet neither will not taking any responsibility beyond simply casting a vote. The biggest complainers are the ones that go to the gym every day, sweat their ass off, go home to gorge on crap, and then wonder why they don’t lose any weight, or why their government isn’t what they wanted..