Meet the neighbours

Fishing Boats

A while back I discovered a great little tool that allows you to see all the sites hosted on a single server. is hosted on a shared server (in Texas?), which means that I get a chunk of hard drive space in a server along with a whole bunch of other sites, and we all share the same server. Think of it as an apartment building where your main address is the same, but you still have apartment numbers that let people find you specifically. This little tool lets you see who else is living in the building. Pretty neat, eh?

Ok, so who else is sharing on this server, right (I’ll pull some highlights)? – um, it’s young, it’s music, there’s Britney in there… yeah.. – “Improving data for decentralized planning” – in Indonesia! – The Covert Rationing Blog: Healthcare Rationing in America – Scholars for 9/11 Truth: Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths (possible crazy people warning!) – Conscious Coffees – the Clear Channel Taxi Media site for all your taxi advertising needs! – Camp Uganda, “an educational camp in wildlife conservation for underprivileged seventh grade Ugandan children and their teachers.” Cool! – A multimedia designer with some great work – and I quote: “The hottest guys modeling bikinis, thongs, g-strings and nude” – you can’t always pick your neighbours – DJ Pollo who is actually pretty good! hrm… – “helping owners, breeders, and shelters pair Canaan Dogs in need of a new home with a forever home.” – The Evangelical Anglican Church In America – oh lord…. RRRRUUUUNNNNN!! – Electric Bike World! – for the hardcore train lover in America. – a spanish Bruce Springsteen fan site! Crazy! – Gateway Knives – for all your knifey needs? – The World Angelfish Forum

… and that’s about it. Quite a few more religious sites, a bunch of dead forums, and a few photographer sites. Where this tool gets really interesting is when you start to use it on various company sites where they might be developing something new on a subdomain.

Oh right, the site – is where all the fun begins!