Good Ad, Good Message, Poor Delivery

FIRST, go and watch this 60s ad, then come back to the post – trust me, it’ll make more sense (ad opens in new window):

Do The Test

Pretty great, eh? The challenge I have is that they specifically asked you to do something, then through a curve-ball at you, and made you feel bad that you didn’t do something they also expected you to do but didn’t tell you about…

Yes, I agree, it is difficult to see something when you’re not looking for it, and never did I imagine to look for a break-dancing bear. Yet, at the same time I wasn’t supposed to. I was asked to count the number of times the white team made a pass. It’s like asking you to count the number of times you check your email, oh, and did you notice how many times the letter “a” was used anywhere in your email program? No, and why would I? It was never part of the process to begin with.

I see the message that they are trying to make – watch out for cyclists on the roads. Right, got that, but wait, isn’t that part of driving? If they were to ask you to count the number of passes, AND notice the dancing bear it would be a different situation – especially if you didn’t notice the bear too (when told to) which is exactly what is happening on the roads – which is the whole issue.
Watching for cyclists, pedestrians, other cars, kids, dogs, old men with hats, people on cell phones, etc. etc.. IS PART OF DRIVING. It’s the people who don’t notice cyclists, and are dismissive about it falling under the responsibility of the driver to notice – these are the people who should be slapped in the face. Don’t slap the ones who count the number of passes or notice cyclists, thereby doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Nod to sensibilid(ad)